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ABM Tours can help you experience a journey of a lifetime. Our team has over 20 years experience working with the public in all aspects of the travel industry, arranging customized tours for thousands of satisfied travelers, to locations all over the world. Our team has personally visited most  countries in Europe, the Holy Land, Mexico, Canada and locations throughout the USA. We have the knowledge, experience and staff ready to help with your travel needs no matter how large or small. From solos to large groups, pilgrimages, flights, land tours and cruises. ABM Tours can arrange it all. Life is an adventure. Let ABM Tours do the work so you can sit back, relax and enjoy the journey!

Thank you and God bless!

Meri Jelenic

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September 25 - October 4, 2024
Price: $4,699.00 (per person, based on double occupancy)

Departure City: San Francisco (SFO)

Pilgrimage Tours

To see if any pilgrimage tours are available, please contact us at
(310) 514-3323

If you would like to book your own Pilgrimage tour, please contact us for more information.


To book tours:

If you are interested in booking a group tour. Please, call our office and we will gladly assist you.



To book a cruise

If you are interested in booking a cruise, please call our office and we will gladly assist you.

Contact Us

28602 Mount Palomar Place
Rancho Palos Verdes, CA 90275

(310) 514-3323

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Terms & Conditions

FEES & PAYMENTS: Tour prices are quoted per person, double occupancy and based on a group rate. Single room supplement will be at a higher price. Prices are quoted in U.S. dollars. The tour price includes air and land. Prices are subject to change without notice due to currency fluctuations, fuel surcharges, additional taxes and/or for unforeseen circumstances. The deposit is of $350 is required in order to confirm your booking. The deposit must be made in either cash, check or money order. An invoice of your deposit shall act as your agreement to the terms and conditions. Final payment is due 90 days prior to departure. If less than 90 days, the entire cost of the trip must be paid in full. A credit card may be used for your final payment, but is subject to an additional processing fee of 4%. ABM Tours requires that the customer fills out the credit card application form to authorize the full charge, including the 4%. LATE PAYMENT: If the balance on the invoice is not paid within in 10 days after the final payment due date, late fee penalties will apply. Late fees are subject to difference in price of air and land.


NOT INCLUDED IN THE TOUR PRICE: Each tour is individually customized. Tour packages may not include: airport taxes, border taxes, port taxes, extended stays, deviations and items not listed on each program such as meals, beverages and items of personal nature, excess luggage allowance, laundry, room service, travel insurance, passport and visas costs, shore excursions, any incurred medical costs and replacement of items forgotten or lost while on the tour. Also, not included are gratuities to tour escorts, local guides and drivers. Fuel surcharges are subject to change without notice.


AIR: Air is based on group booking and the city of departure. However, if your city of departure is different from the original booking, it is subject to difference in price. Add-on airfares are available from most major US cities. ABM Tours is not responsible for any penalties incurred on domestic tickets not purchased from us in case of changes in the schedule of the tour. All group bookings are based on economy class seating. There is no advance seat selection for groups on most airlines. Early check-in is necessary to secure seats with travel companions and those with special needs. Seating is solely under control of the airlines. Due to security measures taken at airports, it is advisable to arrive at the airport three hours prior to departure time. Airline carriers, prices and schedules are subject to change without notice If flights are cancelled due to weather, airlines will not reimburse you for any missed portion of the tour or additional expense. They will try to accommodate you on the next available flight. If airlines cancel or change their flight, you need to make necessary arrangements with the airlines directly, including any reimbursements. If you miss your own flight, you must notify airlines to reschedule your flight. For any changes, please inform ABM Tours. ABM Tours is not responsible for any cancellations, loss, delays, injury, illness, or expenses incurred due to the actions made by the airlines. For any issue that arises in relation to airline service, complaints and compensation should be addressed to the specific airline directly.


LAND ONLY: If you purchase your own international flight, private transfers are not included with land price. ABM Tours will provide your international flight schedule 6 weeks before trip departure. ROME: The Papal Audience is scheduled for every Wednesday at the Vatican. In addition, every Sunday the Pope gives his blessing from the balcony at the Basilica. However, please be advised that due to the Pope’s travel schedule, vacation and/or health, he may not be able to give his weekly audience or blessing. ABM Tours is not responsible for any changes of the Pope’s schedule.


BAGGAGE POLICY: We recommend that you take along ONE luggage per person with a maximum weight of 50 lbs (30" x 22" x 10" = 62 linear inches), plus one small carry on no more than 15 pounds (22" x 14" x 9" = 45 linear inches). You can check-in your luggage from your domestic city of departure all the way to your destination. Check-in baggage fees apply travelling to Mexico, Canada, and within the USA. ABM Tours are not responsible for any baggage fees impose by the airlines, whether domestic or international. For lost baggage claims, the passenger is responsible to notify the airline directly. ABM Tours is not responsible for the loss of, theft of, delay of, or damage to luggage and any other passenger belongings.


PASSPORTS, VISAS & IMMIGRATON REQUIREMENTS: Each passenger must have a valid passport to travel.  All passports must be valid at least 6 months after intended return travel date. Your specific passport and visa requirements, and other immigration requirements are your responsibility. It is recommended that you check with the U.S. department of state website for the latest passport and visa requirements, We do not accept any responsibility, if you cannot travel because you have not complied with any passport, visa or immigration requirements.


FINAL DOCUMENTS: Travel documents are sent out by mail, 3-4 weeks prior to departure. Documents will not be sent if the passengers have not paid in full. Upon receiving your documents, it is the passenger’s responsibility to double check their documents and tickets to ensure everything is correct. If there is any corrections that need to be made, it’s the customer responsibility to notify ABM Tours immediately prior to departure.


TOUR: Our programs offer complete sightseeing packages. The ground transportation is provided by air conditioned motor coach, trains and other conveyance as specified in the package description. During local/national holidays or even bad weather, certain facilities such as museums, palaces, restaurants, sightseeing tours and shopping may be limited or not available. Changes in the itinerary may be necessary and alternatives may be offered at any given time. Optional excursions on cruises and land are offered.  Your local host or tour escort will advise you of the optional excursions available, all of which must be purchased locally. Shore excursions on the Greek Islands cruise could be purchased prior to tour’s departure. Smoking is not allowed on motor coaches. If you have a complaint during the time of the tour, please notify your tour guide. If the complaint is not resolved, please call ABM Tours to see if we can rectify the matter immediately. Any unresolved matter should be in writing and sent to ABM Tours within 30 days after the tour.


HOTEL ACCOMMODATIONS:  Our hotel accommodation is based on two persons sharing a room with private bathroom. If available, a single room may be provided at an additional fee. If applicable, the fee for the single room is listed on the flyer, for each tour. If a passenger does not have a roommate, ABM Tours will do its best to find a same-sex roommate. If ABM Tours is unable to assign a roommate, then the passenger will be solely responsible for the cost of the single supplement. ABM Tours reserves the right to substitute similar category hotels without prior notice. Triple rooms are available for family or friends traveling together, but there are no discounts for using triple rooms.


MEALS: All our tours include daily breakfast and dinner (except Dubai, Lebanon). Meals are usually served at the hotel; unless otherwise, the dinner may also be served at a local restaurant. On the Greek Islands cruises, all meals are included (breakfast, lunch and dinner). Beverages are not included with dinners. Passengers with any dietary restrictions or food allergies must notify ABM Tours at the time of deposit and before the final payment. Also, the passenger needs to notify any tour representatives during the tours. Although, we cannot guarantee, we will try to accommodate any special dietary restrictions or food allergies on flights and hotels.


TRANSFERS: Our tours include group round-trip transfers (only at the international destinations) plus meeting and assistance by our local representatives. Passengers who purchase “land only” package are responsible for their transfers at their own expense.


CUSTOM TOURS: ABM Tours may customize a tour for you, based on the dates and cities you’ve requested. However, group bookings must have a minimum number of 10 passengers. Price reflects based on the number of passengers, in which the group is booked on.



In today’s changing travel environment, it’s important to protect your travel investment so you can relax and enjoy your trip. Unforeseen events such as flight delays, baggage loss or even a sudden sickness or injury could impact your travel plans. For your convenience, we offer a Allianz Insurance Services protection plan to help protect you and your travel investment against the unexpected.




Insurance Services


CANCELLATION AND REFUNDS: You have the right to cancel a reservation. If you do, all cancellation requests must be submitted to ABM Tours in writing, by mail or email. The following cancellation charges per person will apply unless specified on flyers for certain tours. From time of departure date:


Once the tours commence there will be no refunds on missed or unused portions of the tour program.


IF WE CANCEL YOUR BOOKING: We reserve the right to cancel your booking.  We can cancel due to unavoidable and extraordinary circumstances, or failure by you to pay the final balance, or because due to lack of participants. If such an unlikely event should occur, you can either have a refund of all monies paid or accept an alternative program. We will not be liable for costs incurred by you not paid to us, such as visas and passport costs, items of personal nature, any transportation either by air or land… nor will we be liable for any psychological damages, traumas, stress, disappointment, personal and financial loss resulting from our change of departure date or cancellation of a tour. Refunds are not provided for services paid for, but not used on a trip. Any tickets or services that are not purchased through ABM Tours are not our responsibility.


VACCINATION & MEDICAL CONDITIONS: As a passenger, you should obtain health advice on your specific needs as early as possible and it is your responsibility to ensure that you have fully complied with all health and immunization requirements of the countries you may be visiting. Although, most European countries do not require vaccination. If you fail to do so, ABM Tours has no liability for any cost, loss or damage which you suffer as a result and nor will we refund the cost of any unused portion of your travel arrangements. You should always discuss your particular needs with your own Doctor or Medical Professional. A passenger must advise ABM Tours at the time of booking, if they have any disability or medical conditions requiring special attention. While we provide the highest level of service to all our passengers, we cannot guarantee special facilities or assistance for disabled or sick passengers. It is your responsibility to arrange any assistance as required prior to making the reservation. A qualified and physically- able companion must accompany travelers who need special assistance.  Be aware that all our tours are operated outside the USA where the Americans with Disabilities Act are not applicable and facilities for disabled individuals are limited. ABM Tours is not responsible for any medical conditions that occur prior, during, and/or after the tour.

COVID TESTS / VACCINATION: As a passenger you will either need to take the Covid test (48-72 prior to departure) or the Covid vaccination before your departure. ABM Tours is not responsible for covering the cost for any Covid tests.


RESPONSIBILITY CLAUSE: ABM Tours assume no responsibility for any personal injury, property damage or loss, delay, accident, death, inconvenience or irregularity, which may be occasioned by reason of any matter beyond our control, including but not limited to delay of cancellation that causes you to miss any portion of the tour, acts of God, acts of government, war, terrorist acts, riots, disaster, extreme weather or strikes. Also, we assume no responsibilities of the suppliers provided services for these tours, such as air carrier, hotel, bus company, or any cruise companies, railroad and/or transportation company. Further, ABM Tours advises that it has no ownership interest whatsoever in any hotel, restaurant, bus company or transportation or service company of any kind outside the USA, nor does it have any employee outside of the USA.  You may see the name ABM Tours affixed to motor vehicles, on signs around the hotel or elsewhere. This use of our name is purely for reasons of identification and does not denote ownership, supervision, or control by ABM Tours in any way. ABM Tours and its overseas representatives reserve the right without notice to change, amend or cancel any part or all of the tour and to make such changes as may be necessary. ABM Tours acts only as an agent in securing hotels, transportation and other travel services, and in no event shall ABM Tours be liable in the event of any failure by any person or company to render any transportation, lodging or other travel services to be provided on the tour. ABM Tours and its suppliers, contracted for services reserve the right to refuse to accept or retain any person whose behavior is deemed likely to affect the smooth operation of a tour, or adversely affect the enjoyment or safely of other passengers.


SELLERS OF TRAVEL: ABM Tours is registered as a Seller of Travel in California, CST#2140950-70. Registration as a seller of travel does not constitute approval by the State of California.


APPLICABLE LAW: This relationship shall be governed by the laws of the state of California, U.S.A., to the exclusion of the courts of any other state and country. Any claims against ABM Tours LLC. must be brought in the courts of the State of California, in the county of our principle place of business, which is Los Angeles County, city of Rancho Palos Verdes. The sole exceptions to this choice of forum shall be for any claim relating to the ownership and/or operation of any airline, railway, bus company, hotel, transportation service company or cruise ship, for which venue shall be in accordance with the Passenger Ticket Contract governing passage on the applicable air carriers or cruise ships, as outlined on their Passenger Ticket Contracts.


COPYRIGHT: Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy and completeness of this information, ABM Tours, LLC makes no guarantee and accepts no responsibility for any errors or omissions it may contain. Copyright © 2019. All rights reserved, ABM Tours LLC.

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